Just like other musical instruments, the guitar is a western musical instrument helps in learning Indo-western music. It has strings attached which is when plucked you get to hear the melodious music. A guitar consists of strings, headstock, and the fretboard. The strings are of nylon and steel quality, and the body of the Guitar is of plastic or wood. With your fingers of the left or right hand, you can pluck the strings. Some of the musicians also use a thin plastic pick to pluck the strings to protect the fingernails.

The pick is called a plectrum; the guitarist holds the neck of the guitar and fingers are used to pluck the strings. The different positioning of the fingers on the strings plays different notes of music. There are other similar plucked strings like musical instruments used for playing music for many years. From the periodic age till today in many different countries the plucked string instruments are carried for musical concerts and programs. Being a light in weight and handy to take the musicians and the artists prefer to play guitar or like instruments.

The guitar is easy to learn also rather than other musical instruments. It is used in both classical as well as rock music. The popularity of guitar can be experienced with the continuous use in musical industry for every song from the 1950’s. The variety of guitars is the example of different types of music which requires the distinguished type of body of the instrument, such as a hollow body of the guitar is mainly meant for traditional music which is known as acoustic to give louder music.

But later with the preferences of the music learners the electronic parts and amplifiers replaced the old guitar. This is how the sound of the guitar can be controlled, and till now it is the most popular used guitar named as an electric guitar. The guitars usually have six strings, but many others are with twelve, eight or ten strings also to make the instrument fuller with maximum musical notes. The upward portion or the neck of the device has marks called frets, which direct the musicians to get the right pitch of the music. You can learn how to play this beautiful instrument by taking guitar lessons online at Just Like Hendrix, discover new music to play, and find great resources for musicians.

Antonio Torres is the person who improvised guitar and later in 1930 the electric guitar was brought into the culture by George Beauchamp. After that, Danelectro became the first person to produce electric guitars in use for the public. There are two main types of the guitar which are further sub-categorized are as under:

  • Acoustic guitars – the guitars with hollow body and steel strings used for classical music along with 12 strings attached. The small category which comes under acoustic instruments are –
  1. Renaissance guitars

These devices are smaller in size with the fragile body to produce a low volume of music. It has six strings and played by the solo artists in olden times for classical music.

  1. Flat- top guitars

It is similar to the classical guitar but large with a narrow neck and solid body construction.

  • Electric guitars – These guitars can be of hollow and semi-hollow structure producing comparatively lesser sound than classic one without the use of amplifiers. To bring variation in sound, the electromagnetic pickups are organized.

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